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Britain teacup

I found an amazing tea cup that must be added to my collection someday. It's a Hetalia tea cup with a picture of Britain on the inside. It is a beautiful cup, but it is very expensive. I have seen it priced from $80-$100. Just for one cup and matching saucer. It's seems to be pretty rare to get a hold of, thus the price. Hopefully, I can get it some day. I don't know how I'll explain it to my family... That's a lot for on cup and saucer.

must have.......

Hello again~

Wow, I really need to update this more often. The last time I wrote in my journal was before winter break and now I am currently half-way through the spring semester.... I'm so bad at keeping journals.

I am currently taking Geology I, US History II, and Tennis. I tried to take Spanish, but my class was cancelled..... *shakes fist*
I'm going to make sure that I will get in that class next semester!!!

I am writing a short story for a contest. This is the first time I've ever wrote a short story of my own. Sometimes it's insanely difficult and sometimes it comes so easy, but that is how it is when you write. I am a little over half-way done with this story. Right now I have a total of 1078 words and I need to have 2000. I only have until April 30th at 12:00 am to finish this story, so I really need to start writing. I've been working on this since January.... the reason it took me so long to get half done is because I wasn't sure where I was going with it, but now I know exactly where I'm going and I have a better grasp on my characters. Writing to meet a deadline is hard, but this is good practice for me since I will have to get used to this if I want to be a novelist. Plus, I want to teach while I'm working on the story, so I am able to pay for life's expenses.... It's going to be hard, but I know I can do it!!

I should really post some fanfics on here.... I should finish some fanfics..... I'll get started on them after my short story is done.

Classes are over~! (For the semester)

I finished all my finals for this semester! the best part is that I don't have to worry about any more math. I completed College Algebra, the only math course I need for my major! YES!

Now I can focus on the holidays!

With my classes finished, I can start writing more fanfiction. I'm tired of essays for the moment. I don't mind English class, but I want to write something for fun. I have a couple fics in mind that I'm going to start working on.

An update and Twilight

Wow....I am so bad about updating this and I don't have that good of an excuse.

I have been busy at school and life in general. I haven't written anything for myself in awhile. I've been working on essays for my English Comp. II class. I haven't wrote any fanfics since I started the Fall semester. Well, that's not true, I've started several, but I haven't got very far with them.

I'd like to write for myself. I'm sick of essays....

I am a fiction writer, not an analytical essay writer. It's much more difficult for me and not nearly as fun. But that's life, you can't always do the fun stuff/

Yesterday I saw Breaking Dawn part 1 in the theaters. I like Twilight, I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I'm not one of the crazed fans. Promise.

I liked the movie, I think they did a good job on it. There were some differences from the book, but that's to be expected with any movie adaption. I'm not too picky when it comes to the differences.

USUK Friending Meme

Not that I think anyone reads me sad little journal...but please come check out the friending meme on the USUK community. I'm willing to be friends, if anyone's at all interested.

~* America/England Friending Meme *~

30 Day Hetalia Challenge (Day 27-30)

My computer has been giving my some problems the past few days and I've been having personal issues......So here are the last days of the challenge since I couldn't or didn't feel up to posting:

Day 27: Character you wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley:

That's an easy one, France and Russia.

Day 28: Character you'd want personified as a dog:

America. He seems like the perfect character to be a dog. He even said "woof" in the English dub.

Day 29: Character you'd want personified as a cat:

Britain!! I love his nekotalia self so much. If I ever get a cat, I'm naming it Arthur or Alice

Day 30: Character you'd want to cosplay:

Well, I've already cosplayed Britain and Ukraine. I'm thinking Fem!Britain or my own Nyotalia version of Scotland.

30 Day Hetalia Challenge (Day 25 & 26)

30 Day Challenge: 25 & 26

I forgot to do this last night......oops.

Day 25: Character who would be you band-mate if you had a band

Ah, that's easy. America and Britain. I don't think I need to explain why

Day 26: Character you wouldn't mind having as a boss

America, he would be some much fun to work for. You might get some odd requests, but it would still be fun over all,

30 Day Hetalia Challenge (Day 24)

30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Day 24: Character with your favorite uniform/outfit.

For uniform: Fem!Prussia. She looks....awesome (of course). I love the coat and boots the most from her uniform.

For outfit: Fem!France. I love her dress. I like the colors and frills. It's a very elegant outfit over all and I love that type of clothing. I want to cosplay her one day.

30 Day Hetalia Challenge (Day 22 & 23)

30 Day Challenge: Day 22 & 23

I had to skip posting yesterday, because LJ was having problems.

Day 22: Another OTP: Since I said USUK the first time, I'll go with my crack OTP for this one. Hong Kong/Iceland. These two are so cute together! And the honestly need more love.

Day 23: Favorite Character that's the opposite gender of #1. Well, that was Britian, so my favorite female character. That's easy, Ukraine. She's so sweet and kind. I feel sorry for her sometimes, because of her crazy siblings. I wish I could just give her a hug.